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I am a 20 something Cameroonian currently living in Ottawa, Canada. I hope you will accompany me in my journey. I plan to use this blog to share my life, passion for fashion, travels, inspirations and random thoughts.I look forward to bringing you meaningful, relatable content that will help both you and me grow.

I created this blog as a medium to share my interest, personal stories, express my thoughts on current events, and much more. I love reading blogs! Reading others blogs really inspired me to created my own. I love that someone can express them selves in so many different ways with their words and pictures. I hope to use this platform to discuss culture, community, personal growth, style, and the journey of being a young Christian in today’s society. While I continue to mature, learn and evolve into the woman I’m meant to be, I hope you’ll join me on that journey



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Nothing will work unless you do
— Maya Angelou
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I’m on Youtube!

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Meet Blissful 6

We are a group of young women together we make Blissful 6. This Channel is a celebration of individuality and the beauty of walking in your purpose by displaying the works of 6 creative minds. Look to our channel for all things beauty and lifestyle and walk through the journey of living a blissful life. Be Beautiful, Be Blessed, Be Blissful

" She is more precious than the rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her." Proverbs 3:15

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S T A Y C O N N E C T E D !