From Me To Me

hey Nora, 

it’s me, the older you. You just turned 25. Yes, you made it that far make sure you thank God for that. I am going to start off with the bad news first ... You are not married and pregnant with a child like you planned. Other than that everything is pretty good. Let start with your earliest fears. I know growing up you felt alone because your mom wasn’t really around. NOW You and her are the bestest of friends. Remember when you were in elementary school and you only had that one friend? I remember you wishing for more friends; Just people that will be there for you through thick and thin. Well honey you have lots of friends that care for you and especially the 5 really good friends that would do anything for you. You don’t knOw them yet but once you meet them you’ll know. you 

We will go through many trials and tribulations. You know that thing that happened to you when you were 19? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Do not blame yourself it’s going to eat you alive. you are stronger than you think. what happened to you will not define how you live your life. You will grow from it  and it will make your relationship with Christ so much stronger. It’s okay to tell your friends they will be there for you. 

Today is September 18,2018. tomorrow it’s our birthday. We are a quarter of a century old. I wrote this to you because you will have more sad days than happy days. you will learn that those times when you felt alone and depressed. Someone was thinking about you.  Baby girl you are loved. Keep your head held high because you have a lot of reasons to wake up and smile everyday.

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