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It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks, we will be in 2019! Where has the year really gone? I feel like the holiday season is a time where some people feel the loneliest and some feel the most fulfilled. I am a little in between. I have so many things I can complain about this year but I have much more to be grateful for; because of that, I decided to list 10 things I am grateful for.

  1. F A M I L Y & F R I E N D S

This has been a particularly difficult year for me, and my fiends and family. There were situations I wasn’t sure I would be able to get through that they were there for me. I am grateful for your love, your encouragement, your laughs, our good times together and most importantly, your prayers.

2. M Y B L O G

This blog has been a healing place for me. It has encouraged me to speak about things I never thought I’d be able. It has allowed me to express myself in a ways that can help and inspire people to live their life. I am grateful for every clicks that I have received and the great comments that I have received.

3. T H E W O R D O F G O D

Thank you for always being there when I had no one to turn to.

4. N E T F L I X

In times when I never wanted to finish my work or needed something to take my mind of what was going on in my life, I always knew I could turn on netflix and feel at peace.

5. C A M E R A

It has allowed me to capture people in a light they never thought was possible. My camera has also allowed me to show my love for photography. Even though I talk about getting rid of it and changing it, I am grateful for the skills that i have learned using my T5i.

6. M Y H E A L T H

Started the year off as a vegan but I am ending as a vegetarian. I am grateful for my clean bill of health.

7. M U S I C

If I’m not writing, I’m listening to music. I am grateful for music because it is a form of expression when words just aren’t enough

8. P A I N

I felt this was important to include because the main reason why I am grateful for so many things is because I was able to go through pain. It made me feel like there was nothing to be ungrateful for. Pain is the best teacher and it has taught me a lot of lessons about my self and about life it self.

9. L O V E

I am grateful for the love that I’ve lost, the love that I have, and the love that is to come.

10. V I V I A N

You already know♡

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