McAfee Knob Trail

I went Hiking!

I went for the first time last Saturday. I went with Christiana a few of the guys that we knew and some we met there. The hiking park is McAfee Knob Trail located in Roanoke, Virginia. When Chris first asked me if I wanted to join her, my first question was how far? she said 4 miles (LIES) it was actually 8 miles! It's 4 miles to the top of the view and 4 other miles back.

Although the hike upwards was a pain in the butt, I can't lie. The view was very beautiful. It was a perfect day to go hiking because it wasn't hot. There was a breeze. and the tall trees provided a lot of shade while walking.  Keep in mind that only drink water unless you need to. There are no bathrooms. There is a porta potty in the parking lot (gross). This is really a side note for the ladies. Unlike the guys, they can literally go to the bathroom anywhere.

Things you need to know before hiking.

dress comfortably, do not try to be cute you will regret it.

leave the makeup at home. Nothing feels better than being able to wipe the sweat off your face and NOT worry about ruining your make up


make sure you have water! Lemon / cucumber water is the best.

pack some food so you can eat and enjoy the view you almost passed out trying to get to.


What and amazing artist. Only God could come up with such a beautiful view. You really have to sit back and remind yourself that there is so much to explore in this amazing world world. I am so looking forward to have many more hiking journeys. Hopefully making this a monthly activity.

Where do you think I should visit next ?